the glFold homepage

this is glfold by abram connelly. this program is released under the GNU General Public License.

right now its in a sort of pre-alpha can at least get a feel for what the gameplay will be like. if you'd like to download the current version, then please do, and tell me what you think.

what the hell is glfold?

glFold is an attempt to make a simplified version of the protein folding problem into a little, fun game. we will see just how successful i am...

a 'protein' consists of red or green balls, linked to its neighbor at right angles to each other. balls of the same color do not like to be near each other, while balls of different colors like to be close. your goal is to minimize the energy of the system, by trying to get as many like colored balls farthest away from each other while trying to put the dis-similar balls closer together. an energy counter at the top tells you how well you are doing. remember the smaller the number, the better you are doing.

in case anybody cares, the exact energy function is just the square of distances between balls. if they have the same color, then its the negative of the square of the distances, and the positive of the distances if they are of different colors.

use the left mouse button to pick a ball to rotate, the right mouse button to rotate the view, and the middle mouse button to zoom.


i will be updating the source and this web page as i go along. please do not hesitate to send me email if you would like to help out in any way or have any comments or suggestions.

this program uses opengl, and only runs on linux at the moment.

hosted by those friendly folk at Sourceforge